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The largest IVF centre in Italy
  • International team
    Directed by prof. Brian Dale
    An istitution in the field of reproduction  
  • Assistance and consultation
    To ensure that the dream becomes reality
    More than ten million of children have been born thanks to IVF  
  • Research and development
    Innovative techniques
    "Sometime nature need a hand"
Innovative techniques

Laboratory technologies and clinical protocols have made important strides ahead over the past decade, leading to ever increasing pregnancy and take home baby rates. We pride ourselves at CFA for contributing to many of these advances, both through our own research programmes, and the rapid application of all new techniques.


Clinical exellence

Our staff, under the direction of Professor Brian Dale, an internationally renowned reproductive scientist from England, are highly qualified specialists. CFA, one of the oldest centres in Europe and the largest in Italy, has taught many professionals from around the globe through its training courses and congresses ( 

Personalized treatment

Couples who require assisted reproductive technology today are often bewildered by the range of treatments available, from IVF to ICSI, IMSI to time lapse and blastocyst transfer to PGS. We firmly believe that a uni-variate approach to ART is incorrect. Each couple, following a detailed diagnostic assessment, will receive a tailor–made programme to suit their particular needs.

Psychological support

Trying to create a family is a stressful time for any couple, let alone those needing help through ART programmes. We at CFA have created an environment where these doubts and worries are softened or dispelled. A clinical setting where efficiency and psychological support work hand in hand to accompany the couple through this difficult moment in their lives.




About one in six couples have difficulty getting pregnant. Studies suggest that the problems of infertility can be attributed to female factors in 30% of cases, male factors in 30% of cases, a combination of factors, both male and female in 20% of cases and in 20% of the infertility cases idiopathic. There are a number of useful diagnostic tools available to identify the causes of infertility. After a careful history and a complete physical examination, one of our specialists will recommend specific tests to be performed....

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The centre offer all state of the art treatments from IVF, ICSI, TESE through assisted hatching, blastocyst culture and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, in a care and attentive environment. CFA has a well established oocyte and sperm freezing programme. With births from November 2006, this is of prime importance for patients receiving chemotherapy, avoiding litigation over embryo paternity and of course for extended fertility (deffering childbirth while conserving reproductive potential). The unit has considerable experience with IMSI, a...

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Egg and sperm donation is an integral part of assisted reproductive technologies and, applies to about 10% of all treated couples. The reasons leading gamete donation  include specific diseases in young couples or depletion of ovarian reserve in women of advanced reproductive age. Whatever the cause, ethical and legal issues often cause further anxiety for the couple. The staff at CFA is highly specialized in the preparation of couples for these new medical challenges, guiding them through all the doubts and difficulties that may arise. Ou...

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The research activity of the center cover different fields of reproductive physiology with particular interest to biochemists and molecular processes of gametes

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