Prof Brian Dale


Born in Stockport, England in 1951, after obtaining  a B.Sc. and a Ph. D. in Cell Biology, he was awarded a D.Sc. for his contribution to the understanding of  fertilization from the University of Manchester in 1990. He is founder and  Editor in Chief of the International Journal Zygote published by Cambridge University Press, the author of over 130 scientific publications  and 7 books in the field of embryology.
From 1994 to 1998 he was a member of the advisory commission of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology ( ESHRE) and in 1994 a founder member of Alpha, an international society For Clinical Embryology. Since, 1980 Dr Dale has held grants for research from the NIH, EEC, Royal Society, NATO, Japan Ministry of Science.
He has patents for air purifying equipment  (CODA) used in IVF laboratories worldwide and published novel techniques in the field of assisted reproduction (AOT). Currently Director of CFA-Italy. (Wikipidia)


Un punto di vista sui test addizionali e trattamenti aggiuntivi nell'IVF

Un punto di vista sui test addizionali e trattamenti aggiuntivi nell'IVF


In tutto il mondo, alle coppie che iniziano un ciclo di  IVF sono offerti regolarmente una serie di trattamenti aggiuntivi e test addizionali al fine di migliorare le ...


Nella maggior parte dei casi, l'infertilità maschile è legata ad alterazioni della  spermatogenesi; tuttavia, possono verificarsi difetti nel trasporto ...

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Assisting the couple through an IVF procedure The pathway of the couples that have to rely on Assisted Fertilization techniques to conceive is often complicated and stressful. Most of  the couples find themself  at the beginning completely overwhelmed and often live this experience as a failure  and are not prepared at all on how to overcome this obstacle, that sometimes feels like a  real invasion of their own world that until then was intimate and private . At CFA, the first important goal of all our Staff is to reassure the couple and work on the acceptance of...

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Fecondazione Assistita - IVF in our centre

IVF in our centre

"Assisted Fertilization": Somehow if you pause for a moment on the meaning of these words you will notice their deep and important meaning "Assisted" during fertilization. Our job is to do everything possible,helped by knoledge, experience and advanced technology  to assist you in completing the encounter between your reproductive cells, male and female gametes (spermatozoa and oocytes). If you are thinking of proceeding with CFA, you should know that we will  help you overcome those obstacles you encountered in nature, providing the best quality ...