Offered Services

CFA - Offered Services

Advanced Techniques

Advanced techniques and the use of sophisticated instrumentation are critical to ensuring maximum results in IVF. The experience  of all our staff in understanding and identifying the specific clinical requirements of a couple, allows us to formulate a personalized protocol ensuring a minimum time to achieve success..

Thanks to our highly specialized international staff, led by Professor Brian Dale, CFA is considered one of the best assisted fertilization centers in Europe. We strive every day to guarantee that couples who choose us receive the excellence they deserve to help them deal with these emotionally intense procedures.

Personalized Treatments

We only offer personalized treatments ensuring the couple will receive the ideal solution. Experience, continuous training, and the willingness to listen of our patients guarantee a careful analysis of needs, offering specific counselling and appropriate clinical treatment.

Psychological support

Couples may encounter unforseen problems in their course of treatment. Our team of Pschologists and all our staff are there ready and waiting to offer advice and moral support to guide the couple at these difficult moments. 

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