Why you should choose CFA

CFA - Why you should choose CFA

Coping with Assisted Reproduction

Infertile couples are  faced with a tortuous pathway, often complicated and stressful. At the onset most couples feel completely overwhelmed and may see themselves as a failure. They are not prepared on how to overcome these obstacles, and see their intimacy invaded by others.

Our prime goal at CFA  is to reassure the couple they will be followed and encouraged to overcome all difficulties and that the procedures are straight forward and easy and will lead in the end to the result desired, a baby in arms. All couples that choose CFA are informed of their chances and possibilities with the maximum transparency in order to prepare them for what is ahead. Our team treats the couple as a unit to make sure they are comfortable and together can understand both why they need treatment and also why each individual step is being carried out. We will cast aside doubts and negative emotions if they arise.

Many studies have confirmed that continuative assistance and even pschychological help, if required, actually lead to a higher pregnancy rate and reduce to a minimum drop out rates.  All our staff from the front desk, through the nursing staff, to the professionals are trained in customercare and  support. Infertile couples will always find a competent and professional response, and a shoulder to lean on at the more difficult times, which together helps them through this journey with perfect awareness and a positive state of mind.

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