Female infertility

Infertility - Female infertility

Female infertility is mainly caused by hormonal problems linked to folliculogenesis (the process that leads to the maturation of oocytes) and ovulation, as well as anatomical/functional issues related to the passage of sex cells and the embryo through the tubes, or the inability of the uterus to accommodate the embryo.

The medical team at the Naples Fertility Clinic (CFA), led by Prof. Dale, supports all patients during the assessment process and through any infertility issues that are discovered.

The process involves gathering information by examining the patient's medical history and carrying out further investigations and diagnostic tests in order to identify the causes (where possible). The team can then determine and recommend the best course of action to obtain the desired result: becoming pregnant.

Medical history

In order to determine the patient's fertility status and the underlying causes, the first thing to do is gather information on the patient's medical history: chromosome disorders, urinary tract or genital tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, endometriosis, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

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