Assisted Fertilization

Ethereal fertilization

Assisted Fertilization - Ethereal fertilization

Italian Legislation is one of the most favourable in europe and also allows oocyte, sperm and embryo donation.

Donation of gametes and embryos is an integral part of assisted reproduction technology with more than 10% of couples resorting to this branch of reproductive medicine.

Gamete donation  may be indicated due to the presence of specific pathologies in younger couples or to ovarian depletion in women with advanced reproductive age. Whatever the cause, ethical and legal issues sum with the worries about the clinical treatments often resulting in a high state of anxiety in the couple.
The staff at CFA  pride themselves in preparing couples for this medical challenge and guiding them through the doubts and difficulties that may arise.

Our donation programme is one of the largest in Europe and gives the couple the chance to be treated either in Italy or in one of our European Associated Centers, thus offering the highest probability of achieving a pregnancy.

All donors are volunteers, anonymous and all procedures are carried out in accordance with national legislation.  Donors are scrupulously screened and selected on the basis of  hair, eye and skin colour.  They range in age from 18 - 30 years  and of course have proven health and fertility. Success rates for each cycle depend on the origin of oocytes used  and vary from 50% using frozen oocytes to 80% using freshly donated oocytes.

This high success rate affirms is both due to our excellent laboratory facilities and expertise medical know how.

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