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At CFA-Italy our experience of using acupuncture with conventional assisted procreation techniques began in 2003, when we introduced a protocol with two acupuncture sessions on the day of transfer, one immediately before and one after embryo transfer. The idea of ​​this "same day" treatment was sparked by a German publication, which indicated a significant increase in the percentage of pregnancy in a group of women undergoing FIVET plus acupuncture compared to a control group.

The German protocol, to which we always associate abdominal breathing, uses acupuncture points and auriculopunture which, according to the principles of Chinese Traditional Medicine, relax the uterus and increase blood flow so favouring conditions for embryo implantation. We also observed, and this is supported by the literature, acupuncture also induces a precious psychic action that is manifest with an increased  control of anxiety and emotions as well as through increased self-esteem and better mood. More recently, we have introduced custom pre-FIVET acupuncture protocols consisting of mono / bi-weekly sessions at least one month before FIVET.

This second protocol, apart from the psychic aspects, aims to improve the quality of the oocytes produced and to bring plasma cortisol and prolactin levels closer to those in naturally  cycles.


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