Procedures allowed in Italy

Donation - Procedures allowed in Italy

Gamete donation is allowed in Italy and the donor programme at CFA is one of the largest in europe. Egg, sperm and embryo donation is an important integral part of assisted reproductive technologies and applies to about 10% of all treated couples. The clinical reasons leading to gamete donation  include specific diseases in young couples or depletion of the ovarian reserve in women of advanced reproductive age. Whatever the cause, ethical and legal issues often cause additional anxiety for the couple.

The staff at CFA is highly specialized in the preparation of couples for these new medical challenges, guiding them through all the doubts and difficulties that may arise. Our extensive donation programme gives couples the opportunity to be treated either in Italy or in one of our associated centres in Europe.
The pregnancy rates of our donation programme often reach 80%, depending on the procedure. All donors are volunteers and all procedures are performed in accordance with the national legislation. Donation is anonymous and the donors are matched with the physical characteristics required by the recipient such as the color of hair, eyes and skin. The donors selected by our medical staff are between 18 to 30 years of age and are screened for physical, genetical and mental disorders. All must have integral physical and mental health. Professor Brian Dale oversees and controls all our participating laboratories in the programme to ensure the highest standards.

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