Assisted Fertilization

Assisted Fertilization: IVF in our centre

IVF in our centre

"Assisted Fertilization": If you pause for a moment and reflect on the meaning of these words, consider the concept  "Assisted". Our job is to do every...
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Assisted Fertilization: IVF techniques

IVF techniques

On your first vist to CFA we will ask you if you are aware of  your chances of conceiving at home, and if you tried naturally for at least 6 to 12 months, Only after trying to conceive naturally will o...
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Assisted Fertilization: Ovulation Monitoring

Ovulation Monitoring

Ovulation monitoring, is the first step for a couple trying to conceive and it has both diagnostic and therapeutic value. Knowing exactly if a woman is able to ov...
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Assisted Fertilization: EGG retrieval

EGG retrieval

The following step after ovarian stimulation is oocyte retrieval. This moment  is crucial to the success of the procedure and is often a stressful moment for the couple.
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Assisted Fertilization: Oocyte fertilization and embryo colture

Oocyte fertilization and embryo colture

After oocyte retrieval and preparation of the seminal fluid of your husband, your assigned embryologist will evaluate and apply, with your consent, the most appropriate  technique to maximise both the ...
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Assisted Fertilization: Ethereal fertilization

Ethereal fertilization

Italian Legislation is one of the most favourable in europe and also allows oocyte, sperm and embryo donation. ...
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