Donation: Procedures allowed in Italy

Procedures allowed in Italy

Gamete donation is allowed in Italy and the donor programme at CFA is one of the largest in europe. Egg, sperm and embryo donation is an important integral part of assisted reproductive technologies and applies to about 10% of all treated coupl...
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Donation: Oocytes donation

Oocytes donation

A female at birth has many hundreds of thousands of immature oocytes in her ovaries. During her fertile years she usually ovulates one mature ”egg” every month, consequently producing up to 500 before she reaches the meno...
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Donation: The donor

The donor

Oocyte donation is an altruistic humane gesture from one woman to another, giving many women the joys of motherhood. It should not be abused or unjustly vilified and remains a substantial sector in the field of assisted reproduction. 
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Donation: Sperm donation

Sperm donation

Sperm donation is also volountary, altruistic and (different to the UK) anonymous.   Healthy young men are checked for: good mental and physical health, absence of h...
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Donation: Donor


A sperm donor should be: Between 21 to 38 years of age. Having healthy medical history without any chronic health issues. Producing high quality of semen. Having no genetic he...
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