Infertility: Infertility problems

Infertility problems

About one in six couples have difficulty getting pregnant. Studies suggest that the problems of infertility can be attributed to female factors in 30% of ca...
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Infertility: Male infertility

Male infertility

Male infertility may ...
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Infertility: Spermogramme


The standard examination in diagnosing male infertility is the spermogramme, or the study of the seminal fluid. In addition to the chemical-physical properties (volume, pH, ...
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Infertility: Male assessment examinations

Male assessment examinations

Sperm Culture Here we evaluate the presence of particular micro-organisms (bacteria and fungi) that may play a role in some pathologies...
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Infertility: Female infertility

Female infertility

Female infertility is mainly caused by hormonal problems linked to folliculogenesis (the process that leads to the maturat...
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Infertility: Ovulation, folliculogenesis and ovarian reserve

Ovulation, folliculogenesis and ovarian reserve

Diagnostic tests Ovulation monitoring and folliculogenesis Each time a woman menstruates, she should generally produce a single o...
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Infertility: Female fertility examinations

Female fertility examinations

Sonohysterography A painless ultrasound test that provides an accurate image of the endometrial cavity using a thin, disposable and s...
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