Treatments: IUI


Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a relatively simple technique, but i...
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Treatments: Ovarian stimulation

Ovarian stimulation

Before starting an ovarian stimulation it is necessary  to take into account many factors determining the fertility of a  woman, such as her  hormonal profile, physical characteristics and ag...
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Treatments: FIVET


In vitro fertilization was introduced 40 years ago as a ...
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Treatments: ICSI


ICSI, first used in 1992, is a technique in assisted fertilization that has revolutionized the treatment of male infertility and gives men with few sperm the chance to become a father. Using spec...
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Treatments: IMSI


IMSI, which stands for the intracytoplasmic injection of morphologically-selected spermatozoa, permits the real time selection of  morphologically normal spermatozoa using a high-magnification microscope...
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Treatments: AZH - Assisted Hatching

AZH - Assisted Hatching

AZH is a micro-surgical technique performed on embryos to increase the probability of implantation and therefore pregnancy. When an embryo reaches the blastocyst stage it has to h...
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Treatments: Gaming and Embryo Freezing

Gaming and Embryo Freezing

Both male and female gametes can be preserved and stored in liquid nitrogen at nearly 200 degrees centrigrade below zero. The sper...
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Treatments: TESE


TESE, or testicular biopsy, is a simple non invasive technique that requires only local anesthesia. This technique is used for patients with low or zero sperm counts ...
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Treatments: NIPT – Non-invasive prenatal test

NIPT – Non-invasive prenatal test

The CFA offers couples the opportunity to take this new non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT), carried out at our facility in Naples. This test offers a non...
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