Ovulation cycle monitoring

Diagnostics - Ovulation cycle monitoring

Ovulation monitoring is the first step to improve the changes of getting a pregnancy allowing to exactly know when a woman ovulates (it releases an egg). The length of a normal menstrual cycle varies from 28 to about 36 days. This variations are due to different factors, including natural body rhythms, stress levels and weight variations. Monitoring the process of ovulation  allows to track the development of a dominant follicle during a spontaneous cycle, to assess the number of follicles responding to ovulation induction techniques and detect the optimal time of triggering ovulation. Transvaginal ultrasound, providing very clear image of eggs and ovaries, is commonly used to document the number as well as the growth of the follicles. The procedure normally takes about 10 minutes,  is not painful, and feels very much like a tampon.

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