Treatments - IUI

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a relatively simple technique, but it has limited use in the treatment of sterility.  It is a first line approach for couples with mild to moderate male factor, cervix related factors, and in cases of unexplained sterility (idiopathic). To be eligible for  IUI it is imperative that the female partner ovulates regularly, has open fallopian tubes. Essentially the male partner produces sperm by ejaculation which is then washed in the laboratory to free it of dead cells, bacteria and blood cells and more important chemical factors that may cause the female partner to have uterine contractions after it is deposited in the uterus. Once clean, the sperm is transferred into the uterine cavity by way of a soft plastic tube connected to a syringe. The procedure is totally painless and the female patient may be on a spontaneous or stimulated ovarian cycle regime.



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