Assisted Fertilization

Transfer of embryos into the uterus

Before embryo transfer we invite couples at CFA to discuss their results with the embryologist and the gynecologist, in order to establish a clear picture of embryo number and quality and to decide the optimal day for embryo transfer, which is often Day 5 or the blastocyst stage.
This can be a very emotional time, a moment when you may benefit by your partner's presence. It is very important to be calm and relaxed and have positive thoughts.

Success rates in assisted fertilization practices vary from 20% to 80% and this is determined by many factors from the age of the female patient to the various factors that determined infertility in the first place.

Some couples that undergo IVF are fortunate to have a pregnancy immediately, others require tenacity, courage and patience and may have to repeat a cycle. It is important to remain focused and you will achieve your goal eventually.

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