Pregnacy Loss

Our programme for the treatment of miscarriage

Pregnacy Loss - Our programme for the treatment of miscarriage

You will have a first visit with our dedicated specialists where you will also meet Professor Brian Dale, our team leader, and an internationally recognised authority in reproductive science. We will compile a detailed history of your case and, where necessary, indicate further tests.

A personal plan of action will be drawn up which includes clinical, scientific and holistic elements, including nutritional and psychological protocols.

A correct nutrition is fundamental for building healthy eggs and also in supporting a foetus in the womb. Supplements may be suggested, however with caution, as an excess may be detrimental to success. Women who have experienced miscarriage are often highly anxious and many have lost belief in themselves.  

The staff at CFA will guide you through these difficult moments while our experts are elucidating the correct therapy for your success.

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