Why you should choose CFA

Coping with Assisted Reproduction Infertile couples are  faced with a tortuous pathway, often complicated and stressful. At the onset most couples feel completely overwhelmed and may see themselves as a failure. They are not prepared on how to overcome these obstacles, and see their intimacy invaded by others. Our prime goal at CFA  is to reassure the couple they will be followed and encouraged to overcome all difficulties and that the procedures are straight forward and ...

CFA - Why you should choose CFA

Assisted Fertilization - IVF in our centre

IVF in our centre

"Assisted Fertilization": If you pause for a moment and reflect on the meaning of these words, consider the concept  "Assisted". Our job is to do everything possible, using our knowledge, experience and the most advanced technology to " assist "  you in your quest to conceive. If you are thinking of contacting CFA, feel secure that we will  help you overcome those obstacles you encountered in nature, and help you create those precious ...