Our experience in the assisted fertilization field will help you overcome the obstacles you have encountered in nature. Together, step by step, we will assist you along the path leading to pregnancy and the birth of your desired child!!

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Prof. Brian Dale and Centro di Fecondazione Assistita of Naples

We will support you during your IVF journey, with a holistic approach and reproductive strategies developed by Prof Dale and CFA team exclusively for each couple to achieve success.

Highest CPR in Italy for women under 35

We offer the highest clinical pregnancy rate (CPR) in Italy per fresh embryo transferred for women under the age of 35, and we offer high success rates for women in older age groups. Thanks to our unique and comprehensive approach, especially in our preparation protocols prior to IVF that will help lay the foundation for healthy eggs and sperm.

Assisted fertilization step by step

The success rates at CFA are monitored continuously both to ensure the maximum benefits to our patients and also to identify any problems that might arise. Our dedicated clinical, scientific and research teams are continually in focus to introduce improvements to all protocols used by CFA. At CFA-Italy we track our results on a monthly basis at our Quality Control meeting, where we review the previous months treatment cycles and assess their outcome. This information is then updated on our website.

We estimate our average success peak between 40 and 44 years of age

From the statistics obtained by analyzing the data of our assisted fertilization center, we have twice the national average for patients aged between 40 and 44. By suggesting a healthy diet to our patients and inviting them to a healthy lifestyle without stress and with moderate physical activity, we help couples, even those of an older age who have failed elsewhere with an assisted fertilization procedure, to have a child.

Specialists in overcoming IVF Failed cycles

Many women who have failed in vitro fertilization in other clinics come to us to get pregnant. We offer a unique holistic approach and exceptional levels of preparation and care. We have consistently high results and have helped many patients who have had several failed fertilization attempts at other clinics. Our team is dedicated to treating couples with repeated IVF failures.

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