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Holistic path

What makes us unique?

Our complete and holistic approach.

CFA wants to represent the place (not just phyiscal) where each couple can receive the advice, support, information and the right tools to make their dream come true: having a child.

Nutrition, psychology, science, gynecology, andrology mingle at CFA, creating a complete and holistic approach which – in addition to guaranteeing the maximum success rate – contributes to spreading a new“culture of fertilization”in which conception is not a mere goal to be achieved, but the result of a journey to discover oneself and one’s potential.

CFA accompanies the couple through each stage of that journey “in search of a child”, revealing itself to be the ideal partner for anyone who wants to fulfil the dream of parenthood.

Maximum success rate, also thanks to real teamwork that optimises results through a path of awareness and preparation for the couple.

In fact, we accompany you in achieving your goal, guiding you through a path of preparation and awareness of fertility, which is not merely an abstract concept, but something to carefully tend to daily.