Egg donation

Realize your dream of motherhood
Becoming a mother egg donation is possible today .

Heterologous fertilization has been allowed in Italy since 2014. Heterologous fertilization is one of the techniques in ART in which the gametes (oocytes and/or sperm) are donated by a person external to the couple. In egg donation, the female patient receives healthy eggs from an “anonymous young donor” which are inseminated by her partners sperm to generate the couples embryos and realise their desire for parenthood.

Egg donation is a completely safe process:

  • at CFA we choose donors with physical characteristics closely similar to
    our patients;
  • the privacy and anonymity of the donor and the couple is fully
    respected and protected;
  • since only the healthiest eggs are selected, the chances of success
    with this technique are much higher than that from homologous fertilization.

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