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Abbi cura della tua fertilità

Even before being an Assisted Fertilization Center, the CFA is a fertility center, which through a complete and integrated proposal is able to assist couples before, during and after pregnancy.

Raising awareness of a concept that is fundamental for us is the basis of our method: you have to take care of your fertility. Fertility must be preserved, even before we feel the desire for parenthood, before we may even think we could have a problem.

How? With prevention and with some attention to our lifestyle.

In fact, there are simple daily habits that sometimes compromise our happiness. Just think of smoking, alcohol, eating too much, too little and badly, leading a life that is too sedentary, being victims of stress Finding the right balance in things is always the best way to success. Too much is too much and we know it.

Every now and then all you need to do is stop, observe yourself and ask yourself: What can I do for myself? And if you don’t want to do it, we’ll take care of it: the CFA takes care of you and your fertility!

Our services

  • Problemi di infertilità
  • Infertilità maschile
  • Spermiogramma
  • Infertilità femminile
  • Esami di accertamento maschile
  • Ovulazione, follicologenesi e riserva ovarica
  • Esami di accertamento femminile