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We constantly monitor the success rates of our treatments, both to ensure the best outcome for our patients, and to quickly identify potential improvements.

We are proud to be able to share our results with you:

Highest pregnancy rate in Italy for women under 35

At CFA we have the highest clinical pregnancy rate in Italy for every fresh transferred embryo in women under the age of 35.

I tassi di successo si attestano sopra la media anche in donne che superano i 35 anni.

Success rates almost double the Italian average, for women between 40 and 44 years old

A reason for great pride is the success rate for fresh embryo transfers in women between 40 and 44 years of age, which is almost double the national average.

Truly satisfying results that confirms the importance of our “holistic” approach, which combines the most advanced techniques and most specialised skills with a complete, integrated and personalised vision of fertility.

In fact, we believe that the preliminary preparation, the path of awareness, the continuous support, the team of complementary professionals, the attention to every detail – from biology to psychology, from nutrition to lifestyle – are all fundamental elements to achieve the result and maximise the chances of success!