Our method

Nutrition, psychology, science, gynaecology and andrology merge at CFA creating a personalized holistic approach to realize your dream at whatever stage of life you find yourself.

Discover your fertility potential

Are you below 30 years of age and would you like to know your potential to become a parent in the future?

Do you desire a child that still doesn’t arrive?

Are you trying to conceive for over 9 months without success? The causes may be multiple, but thanks to our experience, accumulated over 30 years, we can aid you in finding the correct therapy.

Have you a history of failed IVF?

There may be various reasons for these previous failures, however here at CFA, where we have the highest success rates in Italy and personalized treatment schedules for each couple, we are eager to hear your story.

Our Center

CFA offers hospitality and psychological support to all our couples with problems of fertility irrespective of the cause, male or female, and, thanks to our experience in the field of human reproduction, formulates the most adequate personalized therapy to carry them through to their final goal: a baby in their arms. Trust and confidence in our team and methods is paramount to success and our aim in the initial encounters with the couple is to build on this trust.

Our numbers tell the story
in our numbers.

years of experience
children born every year
treatments every year
Largest private IVF Centre in Italy
° Institute

Highest pregnancy rate in Italy,
For women under 35 years of age

Our success rate for women between 40-44 years old is double the national average

Why come to CFA?

Choosing CFA is synomymous with excellence, both from our professionals, our support staff and our technology.

Highly specialized
and trained professionals.

Highest pregnancy
rates in Europe.


holistic therapies.


No waiting

Our Team:

Your dreams are also ours.

With professionality and dedication we will guide you and support you through the often difficult road to parenthood.

Thanks to the broad range of professionals on our team, gynaecologists, andrologists, embryologists psychologists, nutritionists and gastroenterologists, we cover all aspects of human infertility to offer the highest chances of success.

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