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Affidati a CFA, lavoriamo per garantire i migliori risultati nel totale benessere dei nostri pazienti

The CFA Method

Have you started to think that the time has come to become a family?

Are you still very young and does the idea of having a child seem far away to you?

Have you already tried many times to realize your dream with MAP (medically assisted procreation), but you feel tired and unmotivated?


Discover the path that best suits your needs: Here at the Assisted Fertilization Center are ready to welcome you with personalised methods based on your personal history and needs.

Explore your

Are you less than 30 years old and would like to know more about fertility? At CFA the attention to patient care and preservation of fertility takes first place. We will guide you through the process of adopting a heathy lifestyle that will assist you in feeling better in your everyday life and allow you to preserve the possibility to become a mother when that will be.

Do you want a child, but the moment has not arrived?

Have you been trying to have a baby for over 9 months without results? At CFA we listen to your story and we will help you come to the understanding of why it’s so difficult dream of becoming a parent. After careful exams we will guide you in making the right choice with only one objective: To see you happy!

give up!

Have you already made several attempts at Medically Assisted Procreation and you feel discouraged and disappointed. We would like to have the last word. Failures mustn’t stay as such, they need to be investigated. We are here to listen to you, support and guide you in the right path for you. We say no to standard treatment: every patient’s story is unique and we can’t wait to listen to you.

Il CFA offre accoglienza, ascolto e sostegno alle coppie con problemi di infertilità maschile e/o infertilità femminile, trovando una risposta competente e professionale grazie a più di 30 anni di esperienza in questo campo. Questo consente alle coppie di sottoporsi alle tecniche di fecondazione assistita in perfetta consapevolezza e con la giusta serenità di coppia, il nostro team work insieme ad una coppia preparata migliora le possibilità di successo e di ottenere la gravidanza.



We are focused on the patient: we transform your insecurities into renewed confidence. We listen to you, help and respond to your perplexities, because we always try to fully understand your needs, concerns, frustrations, goals and desires.


The “holistic approach” on which our project is based exists only thanks to efficient teamwork. We work in synergy, so that we can evaluate each case at 360 degrees, taking into consideration all aspects, from every perspective.


Time, comprehension and availability is our recipe to help make our patients feel listened to and cared for. To work with your dreams and hopes we need to build a relationship of trust and compassion which can only exist guaranteeing maximum transparency.


Our professionals have extensive experience and knowledge. We apply our skills with intelligence and wisdom, without ever losing sight of patients and the goal to be achieved. Our knowledge is only valuable if used effectively, scrupulously, constantly and seriously.


Giving birth to children is our dream!

We work hard everyday to see you happy, because everyone deserves to see their wishes fulfilled and you are the true warriors.

WIth our commitment and support you will never be alone in this difficult and sometimes painful path.

But you know there is light at the end of every tunnel and we make this tunnel magical. We accompany you to the end and beyond, because your children are also a little bit ours, the fruit of your love and also ours. We want to see you return home with the great gift of LIFE!