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When a tooth hurts we run to the dentist, when we are unable to have babies we need a specific center where we can find the right person at our disposal to facilitate communication, identify the problem and solve it.

The Assisted Fertilization Center, with its holistic approach, is one of the best centres in southern Italy where you can make your dream of parenthood come true. When they ask us what we do, we reply: “We make babies come into the world!”, because this is our goal and it is the dream we share with all the couples who come to visit us because they have been trying to have a baby for several months and they haven’t been able to.

Tiredness and despair must make room for strength and determination. We are the shoulder you can lean on and the light that guides you in the dark. The first thing we do when we meet you is listen to you, because every story is unique and through it we can understand a lot about you, your path and your problem. Only after meeting you we will provide the most effective treatment options that are suitable for you.

All this takes place only and exclusively in our CFA, where our staff, is specialized in heterogeneous sectors but are well connected between them, is here for you. We will fight to the end by your side to see you happy!